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SQL Server Reporting Services Level 1


This training prepares a participant on all aspects of reporting building in the following tools: SQL Server Reporting Services

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

• Review the tools used for report writing to ensure that the correct tool is being used for the report.

• Documentation to be shared:

- Data Dictionary of Common Accela Automation Fields

- Data Mapping Spreadsheet

- Function Reference Guide

• Collecting the resources needed:

- Microsoft Report Builder Quick Intro

- Visual Studio Community Install

- Installing the report writing tools (addon's)

- SQL Server Management Studio/Azure Data Studio

• Writing SQL against the AA database:

- Don't forget about functions

- Primary Key

- Write a SQL Query to get info for a record

- Add description of work

- Add an ASI field

- Add Contact Data

- Add workflow

• Project creation (Visual Studio):

- Adding a data source

- Creating your first report

• Creating first report (Very Basic)

• Creating report with ASI data

• Add parameters to ASI report above

• Creating report with ASIT data

• Adding a logo to your report

• Creating report with Workflow Data from specification (intro)

• Creating report with Inspection Data from specification

• Create report with sub-reports basic intro


Prior to attending this course participants must complete the following:

  1. DB Schema Fundamentals Course.
  2. SQL Writing basics (CodeCademy) or equivalent work.

Target Audience

Accela Partners

Accela Technical Consultants

Accela Professional Services

Accela Customer Support

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